Why contribute?

There have been several important breaks in the history of the Anicinabe people. These have broken the time line by rupturing the transmission. For a long time, we only received bits and pieces of our culture, small portions that had to be hidden, for fear that they would be taken away and destroyed. The time has come to bring out each of these small pieces and openly expose them. Each one of them is of great importance because only by bringing them back together can we reconstruct the image of who we are.

How to contribute?

A simple and trustworthy process

Do you have archives that you would like to have digitised? Make an appointment with the Minwashin team to digitise all those documents of historical interest, objects from your ancestors or old photos.

Are you a keeper of ancestral knowledge? This knowledge is also part of our heritage and we can come and meet you to organise a recording. 

You are familiar with Anicinabe history, language and culture and would like to get involved in protecting, transmitting and promoting them?


I want to contribute