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<p>Credit : BAnQ</p>
Crédit photo : Musée McCord
Crédit photo : Musée McCord

Virtual exhibition

Mikisikwaso - She sews beads

Mikisikwaso presents twenty objects from the collections of the Museum of Civilization, the McCord Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. 

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You would like to participate in the project? It is possible! The Minwashin team is very open to collaboration and wants the Anicinabek to be responsible for their digital resources.

To help keep Nipakanatik a source of information that is faithful to our ancestors’ memory; to transmit your knowledge; to be part of one of our committees or for any other contribution, click below.

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An innovative approach

Nipakanatik compiles as much Anicinabe heritage elements as possible in order to document the history of the Nation, to preserve its archives and to share them in an ethical and respectful manner.

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