Word from the President

Telling our story

Nipakanatik marks an important turning point. It is time for us Anicinabek to start telling our own story. Let us use the objects that have been "borrowed" from us to revive our memory and that of our ancestors. By repatriating these objects, even virtually, we will be able to tell what they represent and the stories they tell us. They will be landmarks for our memories to retrace the path and remind us of them. 
By using and controlling technology to our advantage, we can even regain a certain form of nomadism and carry these objects with us wherever we go, as our cultural legacy. Let us furnish this Nipakanatik with all these objects, archived documents and all our documents that we keep at home.

We will speak with one voice again of a common culture and history, as the First Peoples that we are, as the first occupants of this land of the Anicinabe Aki. We will say who we truly are, who we have been. In this way, we will pay tribute to the memory of our parents, our grandparents and our ancestors, while giving our future generations a stronger and more assertive identity to be proud of. 

Richard Ejinagosi Kistabish

A project led by Minwashin

Minwashin is a non-profit Anicinabe cultural organisation that supports, develops and celebrates Anicinabe culture in a holistic way, particularly through the promotion of its arts, language and heritage. For more information, visit www.minwashin.org.

Knowledge Keepers Circle

A call for applications will be open in fall 2023 to recruit knowledge keepers. If you are interested in getting actively involved, please contact us at info@minwashin.org for more information!

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Procurement committee

A call for applications will be sent out in fall 2023 to recruit persons responsible for acquisitions and procurement. If you are interested in sitting on this committee, please contact us at info@minwashin.org for more information!

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Kitchi meegwetch

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André Mowatt
Anne-Émilie Auger-Jalbert
Audrey Desrochers
Caroline Lemire
Cédric Corbeil
Cristel Silva Silva
Dominic Lafontaine
Doris St-Pierre

Émilie Mowatt
Éric Beaupré
Étienne Bousquet
Francois Labbé
Geneviève Roy
Guillaume Marcotte
Guillaume Trottier
Janis Rivard
Jean-Jacques Lachapelle

Jean-Sébastien Sauvé
Johnlynn Mapachee
Jonathan Fournier
Jonathan Lainée
Julie Lise Simard
Justin Roy
Kevin Black
Marie-Pier Côté
Mathieu Gagnon

Mathieu Gill-Bougie
Maurice J. Kistabish
Nancy Wiscutie-Crépeau
Pascale Charlebois
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Roger Wylde
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Tanya Anderson
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