Legal framework

The statutory and regulatory texts of internal governance specific to Minwashin are complementary to this policy, as well as to the following documents :

  • Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982;
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (S.C. 2021, Chapter 14) ;
  • Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (R.S.Q., chapter C-1.1) ;
  • Copyright Act (R.S.C., Chapter C-42);
  • other relevant laws.

The documents that make up Nipakanatik include digital or digitised documents of all types, such as sound and video recordings, photographs, texts, objects, maps and plans. These documents come from public or private collections that are not owned by Minwashin.

Copyrights and image rightsOPYRIGHTS AND IMAGE RIGHTS

Minwashin endeavours to respect copyrights and image rights, in accordance with the licenses granted by its partners and the conditions or restrictions, as the case may be, of the people who entrust their archives to Minwashin.

Minwashin invites those concerned who believe that the use or dissemination of a document on Nipakanatik infringes their rights, to contact the team at the following address :