Management principles


Our values

The fundamental values of Nipakanatik should guide both project managers, research teams, and Minwashin's team ; they form the basis for culturally appropriate decision-making and research practices in the anicinabe context.  Their formulation is complementary to the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Research Protocol.


Nipakanatik must benefit the Anicinabek and the communities that have shared their archives with us. Researchers working from the library must involve the Anicinabek in their projects as equals and are encouraged to share their findings on Nipakanatik.


It is essential not to act too hastily in using the archives in Nipakanatik to build a lasting trust relationship with the Anicinabek. Each document must be handled with care and in accordance with ancestral principles, community rules, and the values of contributors.


The archives of the Anicinabek must be repatriated and restored so that they can tell their own story. Incorrect interpretations of the past must be corrected in favor of a true and just history.


Management principles

Nipakanatik operations are inspired by the OCAP principles established by the First Nations Information Governance Center.


The Anicinabek co-build and guide the management processes of Nipakanatik that concern their archives. They retain ownership of their physical documents and can use Nipakanatik to repatriate, restore, and revitalize their cultural heritage.


Communities are recognized as collectively owning their cultural heritage, just as individual Anicinabek are recognized as owners of their personal information.


Anicinabek have access to their cultural heritage, as well as to the data and information concerning them.

Inspire our peers

With the aim of assisting other organizations or communities working to repatriate, preserve, and revitalize their archives, Minwashin is committed to sharing certain internal working documents regarding its approach. Because it is innovative and unique, it could inspire them in their own repatriation efforts. If you would like to discuss this with us, we invite you to contact

For now, all documents are only available in French. We'll translate them in English during the current year.